McDaniel Green Terror at Muhlenberg Mules [WBB]

Read my article “Mules Leave Terror in the Dust in Conference Final” for the McDaniel Free Press here for a full recap of the Centennial Conference Championship game.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – The Green Terror Women’s Basketball team lost to the Muhlenberg Mules for the second year in a row in the Centennial Conference Championship game.

Muhlenberg (24-2, 16-2) negated McDaniel’s early 9-2 lead with strong play from Rachel Plotke, Christina Santone, and Brandi Vallely to defeat the Terror 83-59 on Saturday.

The three Mules combined for 56 points, just three less than the Terror put up as a team.

Plotke scored a game-leading 21, shooting 7-11 on field goals and 5-5 on free throws. Santone netted her 20 points shooting 7-10 and Vallely added her 15 shooting 11-12 on free throws. Vallely also recorded a game-high 13 assists.

As per usual, Lindsey Nichols stepped up for the Terror (21-6, 15-3), scoring a team-high 14 points. Nichols shot 5-11 on field goals and netted four three’s in seven attempts.

Sarah Bach added 10 of her points, shooting 5-12 on field goals.

Jasmine Smith recorded six rebounds and  a team-high five assists. Karli Zeps led the team with seven rebounds.

Playing in the Final game not even a day after the Semifinal game, it was clear that McDaniel had been shot by the Bullets on Friday as they scored just 15 points in each of the first three quarters and 14 in the fourth.

Muhlenberg, however, had plenty of ride left after their 64-56 win over the Dickinson Red Devils (16-10, 11-7) on Friday afternoon. The Mules scored 35 in the first half and then 27 in the third quarter alone. Another 21 in the fourth powered their 83 points.

The shooting percentages didn’t stray too far from the scoring outcome. The Terror shot just 22-77 on field goals, a 28.6 percent mark, while the Mules shot 29-52, a 55.8 percent mark.

Three pointers and free throws were nearly even. McDaniel shot 8-26, 77.8 percent, to the Mules’ 3-11, 27.3 percent on three’s. Free throws hit the 77.8 percent mark, 7-9, for the Terror and 22-28, 78.6 percent, for Muhlenberg. Although percents were nearly identical, note that the Mules hit 22, compared to the Terror’s seven.

With the win in the Conference final the Mules will head to the NCAA tournament for a second year in a row. Not all hope is lost for McDaniel, however. On Monday at 2:30 p.m. the team will find out if they have done enough this season to earn a bid spot in the tournament. Selections for the ECAC will also come out Monday, directly following the NCAA show.

Stay tuned on all the tournament selection action by following the Centennial Conference, McDaniel Athletics, and Atticus Rice on Twitter. Look for more posts recapping the McDaniel Women’s Basketball 2015-2016 season and future games should they get a tournament bid.


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