The Grain of the Game Announces New Blog Features

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Grain of the Game author Atticus Rice would like to thank all of the followers of the blog for being, well, followers. Through interactions on Twitter and the blog, our numbers have soared since the first post was published.

Now, as the 2016 Minor League Baseball season is finally in full swing with the start of Class-A Short Season ball, the blog has a few exciting announcements regarding new blog features.

The new features include live posts  that will be written during events and updated – and edited – after the events conclude, ballpark and uniform/branding reviews, baseball history quips, and and a number of others, some to be released later this year. A full breakdown of each new feature is below.


After a trial run during the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Mini Camp held at Hillsboro’s Ron Tonkin Field last week, QuickTake will be a feature that revolves around live posts that will be updated, unedited, throughout the event, and then wrapped up following the conclusion of the event .

Filed under the title, and category, as “QuickTake,” the feature should be expected every now and then, and will not be regularly scheduled.

Park Pass

As a way to document the author’s attempts to catch a  game at every ballpark a baseball team calls home, Park Pass will be anew feature that highlights first time visits to ballparks across the country. To not swarm the blog with these types of posts, followers should expect them infrequently, only upon visits to new ballparks.

Exceptions will be made for parks that were visited before this announcement with this type of post in mind. The date the park was visited (or dates) will always be made clear.

Brand Blues

Despite an episode of Makers of Sport Podcast that the author recently listened to which argued that ‘brand’ is likely the incorrect term to name this feature for what it is, Brand Blues will include posts celebrating, critiquing, criticizing, and/or simply making note of various teams’ brands – logo, uniform, use of the aforementioned, and everything in between- for the sake of what baseball design should look like, in the eyes of the author. Disagreeing with and debating the opinions expressed in these posts is not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Pastime Pinstripes

A project started for am English class at McDaniel College in the spring of 2016, Pastime Pinstripes is a “personal learning network” which focuses on the history and evolution of baseball uniforms and logos. Rather than continuing both blogs  at the same time, the decision was made to merge the two and make posts that would be better fit for Pastime Pinstripes special features on The Grain of the Game.

Posts of this nature should be expected on a weekly basis, typically posted on Sunday afternoons. While most of the posts will be new content, all posts from the original blog will be reposted on this blog on an infrequent basis. Each recycled post will be clearly marked as so.

If anyone desires, the original Pastime Pinstripes blog can be found here, along with the Twitter account here.

Sweetspot Scorecards

Given the nature of baseball, it only makes sense to keep score. The author has always believed in this, recently to the point where he has started producing his own scorecards, while still testing those made by others. To celebrate this, The Grain of the Game will begin to post features that showcase select scorecards, both game-used and ready-to-print to use at the park yourself.

If any followers or fans would like to request a custom scorecard they are more than welcome to. Requests will be filled as soon as possible.

As always, game and season previews and recaps will continue to fuel the blog as the main type of post. Team news and additional features will also remain to have a presence.

Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the new features and/or this announcement should be directed to the comments section of this post or to the author’s Twitter, at @atticusrice.


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